Pornflix and Chill

This is the Wiki for the Pornflix and Chill game. It's not meant to replace the Patreon site but complement it. Patreon will still be the best place to keep up to date, like a blog. I will be using this area to provide further documentation and help docs. If there is something that you would like to see, please drop me a note in Patreon. Thanks!

If you dropped into this page from elsewhere, here's an overview of what I am building:

Features at a Glance:

  • Grabbable and Poseable Body Parts
  • Tracked Penis (place controller on hip, then reposition penis with other controller)
  • Genital Physics. Fully modeled vagina that you can stuff and lose things in.
  • Interactive Nipples.
  • Watch Porn Flix on Big Screen (Beeg, PornHub, Reddit, etc)
  • Physics Based Models and Animations
  • Chat with Her About all the Thing
  • Explore and walk around by swinging your arms and holding down on track pad
  • Tell the girl to come to you (Path Finding)
  • Teleportable Camera, get the exact viewing angle
  • Breast Physics and Breast Size Customizations
  • Reactive Facial Expressions
  • Fruits and Veggies, good for the body
  • Tons of morphs
  • Multiple Characters
  • Slideshow Room Scene
  • Video Room Scene
  • Partial Soft Body Physics on Breasts and Buttocks
  • User Authorable Stories with Access to Game API

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